Shalva Berty – Biography

Shalva Berty was born in Netanya, Israel to a Yemenite family who lived in a small and quiet neighborhood by the sea. She isGal Hermoni - Shalva Berti - Laisha _6875 the second of five siblings and as the older sister she had many responsibilities. As a child, her father, who always wanted and dreamed of becoming an opera singer himself, used to put her on the table whenever there was an audience even as small as a group of close friends and she would sing, delighting them all. In elementary school she soon became the lead singer of the choir and participated in countless performances and competitions. In high school she had her own music band and together they used to sing in weddings and youth clubs. Shalva attended several major young talents competitions, won first prizes and was given the opportunity to learn with one of the most prestigious music teachers in Israel, Miss Mitzie Luker. In the army she served with Sharon Lifshitz, Rita, Rami Kleinshtein, Datz and Datza, Yossi Syass and other celebs. During her service, in the years 1981-1983 she performed in the front, meaning Lebanon, and sang to children and families in shelters, cheering them up. Immediately after her challenging army service she was chosen to participate in the musical "Joseph and His Colorful Coat" in the distinguished Kamari Theater. In addition, Shalva was recruited by Gavri Levi and his group to tours in the U.S and Argentina. Back then, the foreign ministry, chose Shalva to travel and perform in many communities around the world. She sang in places such as Russia, France, Italy, Uzbekistan, and the United States to name only a few. By then the Jewish Agency also wanted her to present Israel in near and remote places, to be the voice of Israel not only in many Jewish communities but also in churches. Her vast and varied experience caught the attention of a French agent with whom she recorded several songs which made it to music radio channels in France and Canada. Her journeys around the world did not stop her from developing her career in Israel as well. She participated in many T.V shows such as the Pre-Eurovision competition with songs such as "HATEFILA", "HALEVAY ALEICHA VE-ALAI", "MA-EEM" that did not take first place but placed her as one of the leading singers in Israel. Shalva continued to perform and present Israel in various festivals, such as the Porto-Rico festival. She was chosen to honor important occasions amongst them, the visit of President Clinton during the peace talks in King David's Hotel, openings of events such as the Hapoel convention, the 100th anniversary of the Plaza Hotel in New York and global sports matchings. Shalva has ten albums, she sings in six different languages and has extensive experience in being on T.V and radio interviews in Israel and abroad. She is a moving performer and a warm and generous person. These qualities made her very popular among old and young. She states that her greatest pleasure is working and teaching young children Israeli music and folklore.

At the age of forty seven, she was offered by Amil Levi, an American agent, to come to Florida, and become a cantor. Shalva was then performing once a week in the T.V. show "Reich-Menta" and as a married woman and a mother to three teenagers, she hesitated.  She felt she needed the change however, it was a very dramatic decision to make. With the support of her husband then, Alon Elroy, she started commuting between Netanya and Florida. Nowadays, she reside in Florida and is working with her long-time and loyal producer and friend, Ofer Sharvit, on a new album dedicated to her mother. Shalva plans to return to Israel, to be with her family, mainly with her older daughter, Lian and the twins, Yam and Oriel who are now serving in the army. She wishes to continue praying and creating for as long as she can. May G-D help her so she can fulfill what she sees as her calling- make people happy through music, in Israel and around the world.